Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh Mexico, Oh Mexico

I just began entering into the world of saltwater fly fishing as I now live just minutes from the beach. This new endeavor has been, shall I say, a little humbling. I will be the first to say I have no idea what I am doing. I can't read the ocean like I can read a trout stream, I have little knowledge of stripping techniques, no clue on what line is best for the conditions, clueless on effective fly patterns, where to position myself, and don't know how to cast 2 pound plus flies. You get the idea. But as in all things new I am up for this challenge.

Over New Years break I packed up my 8 wt rod and headed South to Cabo San Jose to meet up with some good friends who moved down to Cabo 2 years ago to pursue helping Americans invest in Real Estate near the Cabo area. They are currently building their new home on the Hill, which my wife and I had the pleasure staying at their residence while we explored the region. I had several days to cast from shore and kayak for the elusive Rooster Fish, Halibut, or other species of fish that I would be afraid to touch because I wouldn't know what it was. After hundreds of quasi-double-haul-attempted casts I never thought it would happen, but I finally landed my FIRST saltwater fish on the FLY! A whopping 3 inch Ling Cod-looking thing which attempted to eat the clouser fly that was half its size.

Let me put things in perspective:

Saltwater Winston 8wt rod: $700
Abel Super 6 Reel: $600
Sinking head line: $60
Hip Shooter Stripping Basket: $60
Patagonia hot weather attire: $100
New Double Haul pack: $120
A slew of Flies, boxes, Pliers, Line, Tippet, and Nippers: $200
Flight to Cabo: $800
Getting sun burnt, food poisoning, achy casting arms, looking like an idiot, and triumphantly landing the one and only 3" fish for the trip: Priceless

How great is that.

I think I am ready for serious sponsorship.

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Anna Hosking said...

Great post babe. Very funny. I'm so proud you caught that little fish. Shelley and I were hoping and praying that you would. All that castign deserved some reward!