Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good ol' Southern California

Once again to feed the fish bug I headed with fellow comrade, Grinsel, into the very wild and desolate Angeles National Forest to 'stick some pigs'. A few months ago I had the privelage to fish with one of the industry's finest, Mikey Wier, of Burl Productions who showed me the fine art of pig huntin' with hairy bunnies (i will leave that up to your interpretation). Out weapons of choice: Fast 5 weight rods with various large size 2 to smaller streamers. We each had day packs loaded with lots of drinking water, waders, lunch, and cameras for the just in case moments. Considering our location, this day was close to epic. I couldn't help but imagine the hustle and bustle of gridlock traffic, crowds, and general choas brimming from LA while so alone in silence with the occasional sound of a trout leaping into the air as we set our hook. We caught a handful of small fish and a few rather 'large' trout, a relative term of course. It's great to know that there are trout in our backyard; it's just a matter of searching for them with our bunnies and all.

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Steve said...

Sweet! Gotta get my ass over there.