Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The American

The American.

I was by your side as I grew through the years.
You taught me how to understand and read you and others like you.
I jumped, skipped, fished, walked, and meditated by your banks every summer of my childhood.
I listened to the fauna and flora that flourished because of your presence.
You allowed me to ponder life as I waded deep into your seams and pockets.
You taught me to trust and to recognize the power of God and nature.
I miss spending those summers by your side.
I will once again find myself by our banks introducing you to my children or grandchildren.

The American.

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The Mad Fishicist said...

This is brilliant, RD. I seriously thought you were lifting from Walt Whitman. Wish I wrote it.

Hey--I'll be in the SF Valley for a week in March near the corner of DeSoto and the 101. I might need an angling conversation if you're up for it.

Let me know.