Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's in your Fly Box?

I have done some soul searching and fly searching for the Top Twelve Flies to always have in my trout fly box. Many thanks to John Giearach.

Here my top twelve list for the majority of trout fishing on small to medium western streams:

Standard Adams Dry size: 12-18
Elk Hair Caddis Light: 12-18
Elk Hair Caddis Dark: 12-18
Hopper (Tan, Olive, Natural): 6-12
Ant Dry: 14-20
Midge Dry: 18-22
Royal Wulff Dry: 12-20
Soft Hairs Ear: 12-18
Pheasant Tail Nymph: 12-18
Beadhead Prince Nymph (Tungsten Beadhead): 12-20
Muddler Minnow (at the last resort): 8
Stonefly Nymph (Black, Golden, Yellow): 8-14

The beauty of this list is that it can all fit into a small fly box that can easily fit into a shirt pocket. Live and Play Simply.

Never leave home without em.

What's your go-to flies?

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JVK said...

I have never read John Gierach before. He has so many titles, where should I start?
I love keeping it simple. I like the idea of taking only what you need and not what is going to weigh you down and become a burden.
I really connect with your "All I need" post as well. "Travel light, Play hard, Live simply" that is great.
I am in the process of deciding whether to buy the mesh master vest or go with the Fishpond San Juan vertical chest pack, but can't make up my mind. I typically fish for half day stints and can cram everything into my watermaster chest pocket and a lanyard, but when it comes to full day outings I need to carry more. Do you have any words of advice?

Thanks much.