Thursday, July 26, 2007

British Columbia

I got back on Saturday from B.C.
I just now had the time to put together some pics from the trip.

The trip was amazing.
I did keep a few salmon, halibut, and ling for meat, so the dyed-in-the-wool fly fishermen need to brace themselves. It was hard for me to actually keep and kill a few fish, but they are tasty ;).

The highlight of the trip was when I had an opportunity to travel to a very remote lake on one of the many islands. I was dropped of by boat with a guide. There was no trail in the old-growth forest and we found a pile of bear droppings to get our hearts racing a bit. But it was all worth it when I made it to the tail waters as I watched hundreds of cutthroats rising to the surface. Wow. The little 4 wt got a workout.

Enjoy the pics.
Thank you for all your support -

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