Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Winston

Ahhh, the feel and excitiment of a new rod. This rod is a beauty. A bit too rich for my blood at first but man I love the way it casts, handles, and feels. The best part is when a trout hooks on - it's a blast.

This Winston 7 1/2' 4wt WT rod is a versatile powerhorse that can huck large dries at any reasonable distance while at the same time deliver a size #20 PMD on a 7x tippet beautifully into a still pool. I was sceptical of the 'medium' action Winston is famous for because I only knew fast action rods. I am now converted after using this rod on my home waters.

Green stick all the way!

I learned much about this rod and winston rods in general from the knowledgable people involved at the Winston Forum here: Many thanks to them - a great crew with the same passions - fish, flies, and rods.

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