Monday, May 12, 2008

Camp Coffee

Well, my wife and I took a weekend excursion to the Golden Trout Wilderness in search for some technical, low-traffic water. We indeed found what we were looking for and had two days of solid dry fly, 4 weight excitement. If you could drift it right, BAM, you had a lively wild trout on. It required a few hours of backpacking through, what my wife will call, no trail, which in my mind is THE idea. It sometimes pays off to go where most don't and God blesses me immensely when I take that extra step.

My wife loved how resourceful I was on the trip when I broke out the 'coffee filter' in the morning. You see, we use to have this great, little cloth coffee filter we picked up from our trip in Costa Rica where we used it countless times as it became the greatest backpacking necessity. It finally broke on our last trip, so I improvised the day of, and grabbed some excess fabric for the Fabric Lab at work to use for our morning coffee. She loved it so much, she had to snap a photo.

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