Sunday, April 22, 2007

American River

This is the river where I learned to fish. I began fishing with worms and lures and eventually grew a taste for fly fishing many years later. I vividly remember my father taking me on trips to this river in the summer of my adolesence.

One day, in particular, is so ingrained in memory that I will never forget. My father was teaching me how to drift a weightless worm down a very slow to almost stagnant section of the river. He explained to me that big Browns in this particular stretch of river were always spooked by anyone who attempted to fish for them. The only way to catch these fish were far upstream and wait patiently as the worm drifted downstream. As we waited, my father sat back in thought and said "RJ, this is the last thing I can teach you about fishing. I have taught you everything I know." That moment will forever be with me as I sat and watched my Dad land a huge Brown.

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Richard said...

Loved your blog, thank you, I cried. next subjet fly fishing for catfish. Tournament 18, 19. 20 May, 1st Prize $500, $35 entry fee. Includes slip, camp site, etc.. delta area. Put on by Poor Red's of El Dorado (world famous Gold Cadilacs) for your info., never had one.
Need a fishing partner, NO Wonen _ Red's is afraid they will win. What's your scheule? Love to have you share the $
Love Dad
Don't forget Coho fly fising in 6 weeks!!! Best in the world.
Double Love Dad