Sunday, February 3, 2008


Tom Bie, the mastermind behind The Drake Magazine, wrote a wonderful article a few years back about a conversation he had in Lyons, CO with no other than John Gierach, the author of more than a dozen fly fishing novel, including his best known book, Trout Bum. As you may have guessed, I admire Gierach's wit and humor regarding life and the simple pleasures of fly fishing. He is a breath of fresh air in, may I dare say, the staunch circle of fly snobs. I relate with his dead-honest writing while making fun of himself first and not taking fly fishing so seriously.

Here is a blurb from Tom,

"Again it is Gierach’s lack of pretension that shines through. "In flyfishing there is a strong streak of snobbery," Geurnsey says. "But Gierach will turn in a column about fishing for carp or something and he’ll actually help bring some of his readers down to earth."


"'I don’t travel or fish to ‘get away,’ he (Gierach) once wrote, 'because my life at home isn’t something I need to escape from.' We should all be so lucky."

Read the rest of the article found on The Drake Magazine website.

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