Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Big Trip

I was looking through some older photos when I came across some photos of our Big Trip through Central America, the East coast, and Western Europe. We, like most college grads, scrapped some cash together to head to Europe by backpack. My wife, Anna, and I also wanted to surf some warm water at the time. So the trip began with 1 month in Central America getting by on public bus transportation through the borders with a board in one hand and a bag in the other. We finally made our way to Manhattan where we met up with some great family friends for a week doing fancy things like running in central park, seeing a few shows, eating at a restaurant that serves 10K + bottles of wine, and the like. We lived it up for a week in NYC as we gathered warm clothes to head to Europe for over two months. There are so many stories I could share backpacking through Europe but I will share one of the highlights of hiking and a little fishing in the Swiss Alps. The fishing wasn't great b/c the fish apparently don't speak English but the views and the memories shared were priceless. We finally ended the trip 4 months later in London where I was quasi-hired over the phone/email to work at a little joint we call Patagonia.

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