Saturday, June 2, 2007


A wonderful aspect of my job is that I travel to Reno on occasion. It's a two hour drive from my hometown and an hour from my home waters. Obviously, this means it is necessary to take a rod to fill my free time.

Childhood memories fill my thoughts as soon as I step into the freshly melted run-off . From those summer months where Mom dragged me up to the cabin to get away from the video games. To the time I landed the elusive Brown while screaming wildly for my family to witness the triumph. To catching and transferring small trout from the pools five cabins below to the pool directly in front of our cabin. Finally, to teaching my three younger sisters the fine art of salmon-egg fishing.

Last week, in front of the cabin those memories naturally came again as tears fell beside the river bank.

-Brown in front of the cabin-

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