Thursday, May 3, 2007

Southern California

It is hard being a fly fisher in So Cal...
There are a few places to hit but they are marginal in terms of flow and fish.

I did get away last weekend for a Trip 4 hours away that blew all So. Cal. stream stereotypes. The fish were hefty, wild, beautifully rich in color, and hungry. There were sipping size 16 yellow stimulators of the surface five feet in front of me.

We heard from a 'little bird' that the fishing was firing down an unkown canyon to an unknown river. The 'little bird' was right, we were hammering fish all afternoon.

Mind you, I am only talking freshwater trout streams. I know we have the ocean and there are endless saltwater oppurtunities. I guess it is hard to have it all.

You here about the CA surfing hippies who get tired of the 'scene' and end up moving to Colorodo, Idaho, Montana, or any small, mountain town with good fishing. The older I get the more that sounds inviting.


El Pescador said...

Definitely try fly fishing in the salt. You'll definitely catch barred surf perch plus there are a variety of other species swimming around in the SoCal ocean waters. It's an untapped resource.

Tobin said...

Big Sky Taku: Well, I live in the middle of the oft dreamed of trout fishing in MT. It is a blessing, but I think you also need to hit what you got. I dream of being able to live by the ocean for a few years to have that experience. Look at Carp on the Fly blog too, lot's of great fishing out there, just need to expand the horizons. Of course, might be easy to see from Big Sky country!

The Mad Fishicist said...

Ever fished Sespe Creek? My parents live in Canoga Park, and I just found out about that area around Ojai. Great blog. Keep it up.